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Complete families, to eliminate the adoption queue

Since May 2018, the A.dot app has represented a significant innovation in Brazil by introducing a new way to connect children and adolescents with families willing to adopt. Its main feature, security, ensures that only candidates qualified in the National Adoption and Foster Care System (SNA) have access to the information, promoting a trustworthy environment for all involved.

At the heart of A.dot, professionals from various fields dedicate themselves to describing the profiles of the children and adolescents with complete transparency. This commitment to clarity covers everything from the personal realities of the youth to their health needs and already established family relationships, such as the existence of siblings, for example.

To reinforce the sense of community and support, A.dot also promotes training meetings. These gatherings, marked by welcoming and trust, prepare participants for the adoption process, ensuring that all parties involved are well informed and comfortable with each step of the process.

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The A.dot app represents an initiative of the Support Group Conscious Adoption (Gaaco), a result of a pioneering partnership with the Court of Justice of the State of Paraná and other participating courts.